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10 Looks for a College Baseball Game #gorebs

Hello, Fashion Dolls! I've missed you all so much. The past few weeks have been crazy busy, but I am so happy to be back and to put my energy back into Feminine PUNK again. This week we're talking all about Baseball game outfit inspo. I don't know about y'all, but I love baseball games -- especially here in Oxford, MS. One of the things I love most about Oxford is that we like to dress up for everything whether it's sporting events or just a night out. So if you want to strut your stuff at next week's ball game, I'm here to show you how to do it. These 10 looks all contain the best level of comfort, style, and they'll hide those sweat stains.

Simple & Sweet

This first look is one of my absolute favorites. It's one of those looks you can just throw on and it looks like you tried really hard. I love a good romper for that very reason. My school's colors are blue and red so I thought this would be a perfect piece to represent my school spirit, and it's also one of the comfiest pieces I have in my closet. I found this romper at Neilson's and its by Olivaceous. I have no idea how I went so long without this piece. It's easy to move in, and you can style it in 100 different ways because of its simplicity. Solids are a closet's best friend.

I added these white snakeskin cowgirl boots that I found at Hemline for a little touch of the South and a little height and threw on my favorite springtime purse (also found at Hemline). My shoes are Dirty Laundry, and my purse is Billini (found in my "Handbag Haul" post).

I kept the jewelry simple with simple and light, silver and gold bracelets, and my signature "Clay" necklace.

Floral & Flirty

This look is one of the most classic spring/summertime looks a girl could wear. This look is one that I believe will never go out of style.

On top, we have a gorgeous Generation Love blouse I found at Hemline. I think it's the perfect springtime top, and if you don't -- you're wrong. It's breezy, light, delicate, and feminine (but the black adds that little "grungey" touch). And every girl needs a good pair of high-waisted cutoffs. My mom actually picked these out for me, but they are Rag & Bone, and I'm obsessed. They fit in all the right places, and they're the perfect amount of casual and fashionable. These are seriously such a staple in your closet for the spring and summertime. If you're having trouble finding good jean shorts (which I know about 90% of you are) try Rag & Bone. They may be a little pricier, but they are well worth it.

My shoes are my favorite Vintage Havana sneakers - which you probably recognize from my Paris LookBook. I love the pop of silver these shoes give and I think the black leather adds some edge - which complements the edge in my blouse. This is what I call a Feminine PUNK look. It's girly and classy with a hint of edginess.

Casual & Comfortable

Alright Fashion Dolls, if you read my 2022 Birthday Wishlist, then you'll remember that I talked about a small business called "Are You Thready". Well, my customized tees finally came in and I'm "sporting" one in this look!

The "Are You Thready" team is so sweet, and they took the time to meet my dream baseball game tee. I knew I wanted this shirt to be unique to me so I asked for my name scripted on one side, and elements of our school mascot and colors on the other side.

My shorts are actually an older piece from my closet that I've held onto for almost 7 years! I found these shorts at Libby Story and they are the best! They have the fit of pajama shorts, but they're made out of denim, and they are SUPER flattering. Surprisingly, they go with almost everything you can find in your closet. They are definitely my favorite summer staple. They're unique, comfy, and cool.

My shoes are Steve Madden and my purse is Golden Goose -- and it pairs so nicely with my school colors :)

Since this outfit is more casual I decided to pull my hair into a half-up half-down look to add a little extra effort and innocence to the look.

This is such an easy and last-minute look for a baseball game. You'll feel like you're wearing pajamas and you'll hear so many people ask "Where did you get your shirt?!"

Colorful & Cute

If you wanna break the rules a little and go with different colors instead of your school's colors, I think it's always fun to throw on a classy springtime outfit when I go to a baseball game. You'll stick out, but in a cool way, while you'll still look the part.

If the game is a little bit on the chillier side, I usually go with light wash jeans to keep my legs warm. They keep the springtime feel while also staying causal for a baseball game. My jeans are Frame, which I'm newly obsessed with from working at Aria over the Christmas holiday season.

My top is A.L.C, and my shoes are Golden Goose. I recently fell in love with Golden Goose's "Francy" style (also from working at Aria), and I can't get enough of these. They're different from your everyday Superstar or Midstar, but still on-trend and fun. I also love a good leather sneaker, rather than cloth.

I found my top at Saks Fifth Avenue, and I think it's perfect for springtime and Mardi Gras Season! It's super stretchy so you can have lots of room for crawfish and crackerjack at the game.

Flowy & Fabulous

This look is also on the simple side, but still very fancy and classy for a baseball game. I started off with this grayish-blue Koch top I found at Aria, and paired it with this adorable Stark skirt I found at Hemline.

I typically don't mix flowy and flowy together, but sometimes in the Mississippi heat of July, you've got to just be able to breathe. BUT DON'T SACRIFICE YOUR FASHION. The skirt and top give a little extra air for your skin to breathe, so you won't feel sticky all day long in the heat.

I kept it simple with the shoes, pairing my outfit with some simple Steve Madden's. And I pulled my hair back into a low ponytail. I actually added some long and straight dangly earrings that were cut out of the picture but gave my ears that extra sparkle since my hair was pulled back. Since the earrings were extravagant I kept it simple with the rest of my jewelry.

Red & Riled Up

This outfit is one of my very favorites because I've never seen anyone else have something remotely close to this look. I found this bandana-print romper in 2018, and I'll admit, it looked ugly on the hanger, but once I put it on I was in love. I found this romper at Hemline (who's surprised?) and again paired it with my classic Steve Maddens.

I love this romper because it can work as an outfit, a coverup, a costume, etc, and it goes perfectly with our school colors. I can't think of a better place to wear something like this other than a baseball game.

I put my hair into a low side-pony and wore almost no jewelry. Since I'm wearing such a busy pattern I want my outfit to speak for itself, and less is more.

This outfit will stay comfy all day long and you won't be too worried sweating in it. It's also something that you can easily throw on when you've got last-minute plans. As long as you've got a romper and some cute sneakers in your car, you're pretty much set for anything life throws at you.

Sunny & Sassy

I love this look because of how classy I think it is. The outfit is easy, but the look is fierce.

I started off with this classic white Bella Dahl button-down that I found at Libby Story and paired it with my Rag & Bone cutoffs. That's two staple pieces every girl should have in her closet. I threw on my cool Vintage Havana sneakers and put on some chunky jewelry and gold sunglasses.

This look is such a simple concept, but people forget about it. I know all of you have a button-down and cutoffs so don't give me any excuses! I'm sure you all have big jewelry too. If you look closely you'll see I have my upcycled Chanel necklace on my neck, that I put on my 2022 Birthday Wishlist! I was so surprised when I opened this up on my birthday and I thought it was so special that one of my readers, and close family friends gifted this to me -- Thanks Michelle ;). I love to mix silver and gold, and since this necklace does that I did the same with my bracelets (which I usually do, but not always on the same wrist). be bold, take risks -- your fashion will thank me later.

Leinen & Lovin' It

This look was actually put together by my roommate, Laurel. It's on the dressier side, but it's so cute I had to put it in. If you're going to a nighttime baseball game, this might be the perfect look for you.

My top is DO + BE, which I found at Neilson's. I love this top because it always makes me look tan, and it's super easy to just throw on with a skirt or pair of jean shorts.

My skort, yes you read that correctly, is by Amanda Uprichard (one of my favorite designers) and I found it at Hemline. This skort has been such an amazing piece for me because it takes any outfit I own and elevates it. I could be wearing a t-shirt, but if I put on this skort it makes my outfit look high-fashion and cool.

My purse is actually from Shein (seen in my 5 Looks From Paris post), my shoes are Steve Madden, and my sunglasses are a birthday present from my boyfriend :)

Since my top has lots of ruffles and my hair is curled I chose not to wear any necklaces or dangly earrings. I wanted to keep it strictly to bracelets and make sure they're simple ones. Again, less is more. If I had on layered necklaces and hoops you wouldn't know what the statement piece of the outfit is -- your eye wouldn't know where to go, and that's what I call a fashion flop.

Preppy & Posh

This look is on the girlier side, but still casual and comfy.

I like this look because it's different than your average baseball game look, and the rest of the looks I have in this post. If you're looking for something unique to wear, but still feel like you fit in - this is it.

I found my Rag & Bone top at Saks Fifth Ave. and this is the same Stark skirt from the Flowy & Fabulous look.

My shoes are my Steve Madden platforms, which you can tell get A LOT of use in my life, and you can see those styled different ways on my 5 Looks from Paris post.

Since my top has a high neck I thought the best hairstyle would be a mid-pony to show some more neck. You can pair this outfit with some fun silver jewelry, but I decided to just throw on my bangles.

Sweet & Summer Lovin'

This look is on the more basic side, but sometimes basic is good. When you don't know what to wear and you just want to go classic your basics will save your life.

My top is from Libby Story and its Free the Roses, and I love it because of its elastic waistband and square neckline. It's definitely the eyecatcher in this look. Even though it's basic, it has small details that add a little something more to your outfit.

My white jean shorts are also from Libby Story and they're L.T.J (Letter to Juliet). I don't have much to say about this piece other than it's so necessary for your summer wardrobe. If you don't have white jean shorts, what are you doing? These can make your outfits look so much nicer than just any old, denim shorts.

I have my platform Steve Maddens on the bottom, and I'm holding my Steve Madden clutch as an accessory.

That's all for this week Fashion Dolls!

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