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Best Exercises for Girls Who Aren't Comfortable in the Gym

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Bonjour ladies,

Welcome back to Feminine PUNK! This week I'm writing about the best exercises for girls who feel awkward in the gym. I know lots of you made new years resolutions that you haven't been keeping up with, but remember when you said 2022 would be YOUR year?

I used to walk into the gym and think to myself, "What am I supposed to do? I don't know what I'm doing. I guess I'll leave". I'm here to say THAT'S LAZY. Here are my tips & tricks to get you feeling confident in the gym.


My first tip to gaining more confidence in the gym is joining a Hotworx gym. Now I know what you guys are thinking: "Clay that's just joining a different gym", "I'd die working out in a sauna", "I don't want people staring at me while I sweat that much". Hush! Hotworx is what got me back in the gym and here's why.

The first thing that appealed Hotworx to me was that you never had to think about what you were doing while exercising. You step into a sauna of your choosing, and the tv screen demonstrates the entire workout for you! You can also go at your own best pace because there's no one else in your sauna. I also noticed that most of the Hotworx members are women with the occasional man which made me feel safer about going at night time + Hotworx is open 24/7!

Surprisingly, the challenge of exercising in 125 degree inferred heat is not as bad as it sounds. With the thermostat at your reach you can make it as hot or as cold as you desire. If I'm ever struggling in the heat, I'll step out of my sauna and walk about two laps around the gym.

My favorite sessions are Hot Core & Hot Cycle. And the best part about Hotworx is the chilled, lemon-scented towels you can use at the very end.

2. 12, 3, 30

I discovered the 12, 3, 30 workout while watching YouTuber, Lauren Giraldo. She also struggled with feeling confident in the gym and came up with what she calls her 12, 3, 30 workout. It's simple, yet challenging. You step on your treadmill and set it to 12 incline, 3.0 speed, and do it for 30 minutes. Although it sounds like you'd just be walking it actually challenges your legs, lungs, and core. It will definitely get your heart-rate up and you can watch Netflix while you do it ;)

3. New outfit, New playlist

One of the easiest tips to feeling like a bad bitch in the gym is put on a new outfit and get a new gym playlist! Get you a matching athleisure set and you'll feel like you own that gym! I know when I put on any type of new or creative outfit, I feel like I'm on top of the world. You know that anyone acknowledging your outfit thinks you have it all together -- which is exactly how you want to feel!

Your playlist can also set the tone for your workout. Do you want to listen to Megan Thee Stallion or My Chemical Romance. Wherever you channel your energy can tremendously affect your motivation and performance of the workout. You can create a new playlist yourself of use one of my personal ones linked here:

4. Just Dance

If you're looking to get your heart rate up in the comfort of your own home, and laugh a little, you can play Just Dance! Just Dance is an easy way to get your heart rate up, and the best part is no one is taking you seriously! You can even get friends to join. I stayed fit during the summer with a full-time job nannying by playing Just Dance. The kids never got tired of it, and I was getting my daily endorphins. With the same aspects of Zumba, it'll have you sweating at the end of the hour.

If you don't have the actual game at home you can always search for it on YouTube.

5. Take a class

Now I know it seems intimidating to take a class, but the truth is everyone's focused on themselves and the instructor. No one is looking at you. You're not that special.

I really enjoy going to cycling or yoga classes. They don't typically require too much knowledge/skills beforehand, and they're both excellent ways stay healthy. Classes are always a great way to make friends, or to have your own alone time without being alone. Taking a friend can also hold you accountable for going. And the other truth about classes at the gym is everyone that's taking the class is taking it because they also have no idea what to do in the gym!


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