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Day-to-day Paris Journal

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Bonjour Madame! Welcome back to Feminine PUNK, now your favorite international blog. This past week I've been exploring the amazing city of Paris, France. It's my first time overseas so I thought to write a day to day journal on what I've been up to. I'm currently sitting outside a café drinking a glass of Rosé and enjoying the amazing, historic architecture in this city (one of my personal favorite parts of Paris). If you ever get the opportunity to go to Paris -- DO IT. Not only can you enjoy fine wine and amazing architecture, there is so much else to see and experience! And I'm not just talking about the Eiffel Tower. If you're not sure what to do in Paris use this post for inspiration ;)


Before we landed in Paris, my mother, sister and I met up with the second half of our group: my aunt and my two girl cousins in the Atlanta airport. We all sat in the sky lounge sipping champagne and telling outrageous stories to each other until it was time to board. We boarded our 10 hour flight and all took a large sleeping pill. After our slumber, we landed in Paris at 2pm! We went through customs, got our covid passes and jumped into an Uber van! We arrived at our hotel (Hotel Du Louvre), and ran up to our rooms where a bottle of red wine awaited all of us. We cheered and drank, and set out to see the city! By the time we had gotten settled and changed clothes it was dark outside. My mother, sister and I took a nightly stroll around the Louvre, and went to a local restaurant, Bistro Vivienne. We dined on oysters, french onion soup, squid ink pasta, and wonderful wine! The three of us sat and talked at that restaurant for three and a half hours. Then we were off to bed and back to sleep.


Day two was a dream. We woke up bright and early and headed down to our hotel restaurant for a beautiful breakfast. After the three of us (my mom, sister and I) savored our food, we headed to see The Louvre!

The Louvre is truly everything that people say it is. It's truly magnificent. We saw everything from Roman Catholic art, to the crowns of kings and queens, to the famous Mona Lisa, to a real live mummy with a body inside. Because of the Louvre's size it's impossible to see all the artwork even if you go everyday for a week. I loved it.

Afterwards we took a stroll through the gardens outside of The Louvre. We people-watched, gazed at the fountains, and we eventually stumbled upon the lock bridge! The tradition of the lock bridge dates back to World War I. Couples who visit Paris together place a lock on the bridge to symbolize that their love is unbreakable. It was a beautiful sight. After our stroll, we went back to our hotel room and took a nap because #jetlag.

When we woke up we headed to the Louis Vuitton store to each pick out an early birthday present! My 20th birthday takes place on February 27th and all I wanted was a Louis Vuitton bag. Since they're slightly cheaper in Paris, and the store is five floors (yes, it's really five floors), what better place to pick one out? My sister and I each picked out a handbag and were happy as a kid in a candy store! Shoutout to our mom for paying <3

After two and a half hours in Louis Vuitton Paris we met up with my cousins and had one of the best dinners I can remember. We all split a seafood platter including langoustines, shrimp, king crab, and lobster at Le Grand Colbert. After dinner, my mother and I sat a café next door to our hotel and talked until 12:30am. We were sent into a food and wine coma, and we all went to bed.


Day three was also a day I'll never forget. My mom woke up rather early and my sister and I slept in until 1pm Paris time. Again #jetlag. My mom was already out the door with the other members of our vacation before Meredith and I woke up.

Once Meredith (my sister) and I woke up we decided it was a great opportunity to have a sister day! We strutted to cafe next door to our hotel and had an amazing brunch at Cafe RUC. After brunch, we shopped all around what Paris calls "the golden triangle". It's a series of streets shaped like a triangle on a Parisian map that includes most of Paris' designer stores. We shopped in Chanel, Golden Goose, Dior, etc. It was a great way to bond as sisters and see all the latest in fashion. Of course we had to act silly in the most inappropriate stores because that's what sisters are for.

After our sister dates, we rushed to Eiffel Tower to meet our mom, aunt, and cousins. We went to the second level of the Tower, since the top was closed, and awed over the city at sunset and nighttime. My aunt surprised all of us with champagne and macaroons. It's truly a memory I will never forget.

After gazing at the city for nearly an hour we headed to dinner at Chez Marcel. If you ever go to Paris, I highly suggest eating here. Not only do you get tremendous food, the experience is unlike any restaurant in the world. The owner, Pierre, has never taken his business too seriously. When you walk inside you'll see cracks in the ceiling, pictures coming off the wall, tables smushed together, but you'll have some of the best food you've ever tasted. Pierre even walks around with karaoke microphone singing to his customers just to make them laugh. He even asked to try on my coat! I said "You can try it on, if I can take a picture with you in it". He said "C'set la" meaning "That's it" when referring to my white, furry coat. We had made such great friends with Pierre he sent us home with a free bottle of wine! And then it was off to bed for the Blanchard ladies.


Day four was one of the coolest days. We visited Château De Versailles! Versailles is massive and completely breathtaking. You see everything from art that was hung in the castle to Louis the XIV's bed chamber. We arrived at the castle and sat down for a three course meal in the castle's very own restaurant, Oré. We all decided to use audio tour devices to learn extra history about the castle. There are very few graphics explaining history on the walls to preserve the true form of the palace as it was in the 13th century.

We learned all about the history of the palace, and all those who lived there while looking at the incredible architecture. Almost all the ceilings contain beautiful paintings and golden carvings. Everything is so intricate and precise. The chapel and the Queen's bed chamber were my favorite rooms in the castle. After we finished wondering the castle we walked the gardens and admired all the symmetry it included. Every single tree is perfectly trimmed just like the one next to it. The gardens go on for miles and miles - there's even a maze made of shrubs. In order to see all of Versailles, including the gardens, you'd have to dedicate more than a day to see everything. Versailles is also home to Mary Antoinette's house, but sadly we didn't get a chance to see it on this day. Then we headed back to our hotel, and all the cousins went out to eat Thai food together for dinner. The four cousins ended the night together in the hotel bar!


Day five was an easy and eventful day! The day started off with my mom and I heading to the Prada store in hunt of a new handbag to add to her collection. She searched and searched and searched, right when she was about to give up I said, "Mom, try this one on". She was unsure about it because it's unlike anything else she has, but she ended up walking out with it (pictured left)! After our shopping date, we met up with my sister for lunch at a small cafe. We ended up sitting and talking for three hours yet again because it's our favorite thing to do. We had the deepest conversations about the way we understand each other and the world -- conversations we wouldn't have had unless it was an all girls trip.

After our pow-wow the three of us met up with the other half of our girls at the catacombs! The catacombs are these tunnels underground Paris that have six million corpses inside. The tunnels go on for miles and are 20 meters underground. The history of the catacombs dates back to the late 18th century. The city of France dug up limestone that was under the city to build estates such as The Louvre and Notre Dam. With the health crisis in France going on during that time, the city was running out of room in their cemeteries, so they removed bodies from the cemeteries and placed them in these tunnels. They wanted to be sensitive to Christian values so instead of just throwing the skeletons in there, they neatly stacked all the bones to respect the dead -- which in my opinion, made it almost creepier. However, it was truly amazing and something I will never forget. You can't see anything, or hear a story, like that anywhere else in the world.

For dinner that night, we went to Ristorante Fellini. It was some of the most delicious Italian food I've ever enjoyed. I got ricotta and spinach ravioli -- *chef's kiss*. We also enjoyed a linguini with king crab, and a osso buco with a side of risotto. And of course we had to top it all off with a tiramisu and six spoons. They also included a plate with orange slices, dark chocolate, and short breads to compliment the tiramisu. After dinner I called my precious boy and caught up with how his week was going and I was off to bed.


Day six was our final day. Luckily, we had done pretty much everything we sought out to do in Paris so it was a rather relaxed day. My mother and sister went to the Musee D'orsay to look at the magnificent Van Gogh's, while I sat a cafe and wrote this blog post. I watched the streets while typing away at my computer and sipping on Whispering Angel Rosé. After my mom and sister were done admiring the Van Gogh's, we met up and went on a Parisian boat tour to cap off our trip. We gazed at the city after dark from a boat streaming up and down the Seine River. We got to see the city in a new way, and it was a sweet way to end our trip. Afterwards, we went to the hotel to pack and ordered room service :)

We all had red wine and split a crème brûlée, and it was off to the airport at 6am.

Paris was more than I ever could've dreamed of. It was everything I expected it to be, but thought it might be too good to be true. It's a city with its very own charm and individuality, and theres something for everyone. From the food, to the fashion, to the art, to the architecture, Paris is the perfect city. I will definitely be back. Au revoir! See you next Tuesday

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EJ Blanchard
EJ Blanchard
Jan 25, 2022

Amazing trip! One day I’ll get back there. Tres Bien!

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