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Don't Know What to Pack for Your Next Vacation?

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Welcome back Fashion dolls! I hope everyone is enjoying their fabulous summer break. Today we're going to be talking about what to pack for your summer vacay! I know that not every summer vacation is a beach vacation so I'm going to be showing you how to pack for three DIFFERENT summer vacations. If you're more of a visual person, check out my Instagram @feminine.punk for some artistic videos of what to pack.

Now, let's get packing!

The Beach Vacation

"You can be the most fashionable one on the beach with a trendy coverup, a floppy hat, and some killer sunglasses"

The most common vacation people go on in the summer is a tropical vacation. Whether you're headed to the Bahamas or Orange Beach in Alabama, I've got you covered. You're going to want all your beach essentials AND all your going out 'fits. When you're on vacation, you really get to be whatever version of yourself that you want to be, why not make it fashionable?

- The very most important thing that you'll need is sunscreen. I know this sounds obvious, but hot girls turn bronze, not red. Please pack your sunscreen and reapply every hour and a half.

- The next thing you're going to want is a good coverup. I know it's easier to just put on jean shorts or an oversized button-down that you got out of your dad's closet, but you've got to be able to walk right up to the ocean-view restaurant whenever you get hungry. There's nothing worse than not being prepared on the beach, and cover-ups can be super sexy and a great expression of fashion. Even though you're not wearing anything fancy, you can be the most fashionable one on the beach with a trendy coverup, a floppy hat, and some killer sunglasses. Check out Zara for some super fab beachwear.

- When it comes to your sunglasses, do not bring your ray bans near that white sand! I can't tell you how depressed I was when I lost a brand-new pair of ray bans in the ocean. Go to Target and find some cute ones that you like before you go on your trip. Or check out Knockarounds. They look exactly like ray bans but they're significantly cheaper!

- I don't know how I would survive at the beach without two pairs of sandals. When I go to the beach I like to have one pair of "beach sandals" and one pair of "cute sandals". You don't need to bring your Golden Goose or your Air Force Ones, you won't wear them, and they'll take up space in your suitcase. On the beach, I prefer my pink, rubber Birkenstocks since they rinse off easily. I found mine on Urban Outfitters.

- When it comes to cute clothes on a beach vacation, I always stick to flowy ones. The humidity is brutal and this is your one time to pretend you're an island girl and play a little dress-up. I always pack rompers, sundresses, ruffled skirts, etc. Keep it "easy-breezy" and you'll fit right in! A couple of jeans shorts don't hurt, but don't go overboard! You won't wear that many.

- Lastly, do not forget a good beach bag. It's best to get one you feel comfortable washing or rinsing out with a hose. Sand. Gets. Everywhere. You don't want sand in your cover-up too.

That's all for the classic beach vacation! Bon, voyage!

Also, check out my "How to do the Beach the RIGHT Way & Not Burn" post for tips!

The City Vacation

"I mean, wear your crossbody across your body"

City vacations can be tough to pack for. You don't know how hot it's going to be, you want to stay comfortable when you're walking the whole day, you want the good Instagram pictures, but you don't know how to dress. Don't worry fashion dolls! I've got you covered... in clothes.

- The most important thing to pack for a city vacation whether it's Paris or Portland, is a good pair of flat sneakers. Again, do not pack your Golden Goose... your feet will hurt. You need to pack a good pair of sneakers that will go with everything and have a little padding inside. My go-to is always my Steve Madden platform sneakers that I featured on my "Paris Lookbook" and "College Baseball Game Outfits" posts. They're black & white and have tons of support for your feet. I wore these shoes the entire time I was in Paris last January and last summer in D.C. You will not regret wearing basic, comfortable shoes. If you're worried your outfit won't be as good, accessorize in other ways! Jewelry is my favorite way to elevate a boring outfit.

- On a city trip, it's essential that you wear a crossbody. And I don't mean wear a crossbody on your shoulder, I mean wear your crossbody across your body. No matter where you are, pick-pocketing is super real in all cities and it's important that you stay alert and protect your belongings. If you can get one with a zipper or snaps, even better. Do not wear one that connects magnetically.

- Good news! On this trip, you can wear your ray bans! When you're walking throughout the city all day long, you're going to want something to protect your eyes, especially if you have green eyes like I do. What better way to accessorize than with your favorite sunglasses? Make sure you pack your case and your cloth!

- Packing clothes for a city trip can be tough, here's what I usually stick to in the Summertime. Pack tops that you don't mind sweating a little bit in (graphic tees are always great), rompers and sundresses are your best friends, ONE pair of jeans, flowy shorts or skorts, jean shorts = chafing. Follow these rules and you'll be comfortable, fashionable, and confident.

I hope you get to see all the tourist attractions! Safe Travels!

The Adventure Vacation

"Nothing is worse than a soggy running shoe or losing your favorite Birkenstocks"

An adventure vacation consists of water rafting, hiking, camping, etc. Anything outdoorsy and adventurous. This is usually the easiest to pack for, but if you're new to this let me be your guide.

- The number one most important thing is a backpack. You want a backpack to hold everything you're going to need throughout your day and one that you don't mind getting a little wet. I have a Lululemon backpack that is awesome, especially when it rains and I'm walking to class. Get yourself a backpack that has nylon or rain-resistant material. You. Will. Need. It.

- Even if you're not planning on swimming, pack a bathing suit or two. It's great to be prepared and adventure trips can contain lots of spontaneity. You never know when there will be an opportunity to cliff jump, swim in a lake, or you might get caught in some rain. Pack a swimsuit and you won't regret it. Better safe than sorry!

- Do not go on an adventure vacation without a hydro flask. I know that might sound cringe, but I'm telling you, I've never encountered another water bottle that keeps my water and ice as cold. It is a lifesaver. You can also clip it to anything with a carabiner. Get one.

- The best shoes to wear on adventure trips are chacos or keens. They're not always the cutest, but they'll stay on your feet, they're okay if they get wet, and they're comfortable to walk or swim in. I know you'd rather wear your Birkenstocks or your on-clouds, but don't. Trust me. Get one pair of either and you'll thank me. Nothing is worse than a soggy running shoe or losing your favorite Birkenstocks.

- Again, probably not the best place to bring your expensive sunglasses. Get your Knockarounds and maybe bring two pairs. You'll also be happy with a good baseball hat. If you're in the sun all day, you want to protect your eyes, your scalp, and your skin. So, bring sunscreen too!

Those are the lifesaving essentials! Goodbye and don't let the mosquitos bite!

Those are your most important essentials when it comes to packing for Vacation!

Don't forget to check out @feminine.punk on Instagram and NOW TIKTOK to see the visual aids of this post - coming soon!

Ciao dolls!




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