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Five of my Favorite Looks From Paris

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Hello Queens! I hope you missed me this week, and I hope you loved the Paris story last week because today we're doing a lookbook! Since Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world, I knew I needed to sport some amazing outfits and also blend in with the locals. This is your guide for the winter season in Paris, staying cozy and fashionable at the same time.

LOOK 1 - Airplane/Travel look

My first look was my travel day look. It was perfectly comfortable to sleep on the plane, and it was high-fashion enough to step off the plane and walk through Paris. This look contains a classic black turtleneck (very Parisian of me), dark-wash DL1961 Margaux jeans -- If you haven't gotten these, GET THEM. They're seriously the softest and comfiest jeans ever. To stay warm, I topped it off with this fabulous fur coat from Urban Outfitters that you'll see multiple times on this trip. On my feet, I have on Steve Madden 'Catcher' sneakers that pair well with every outfit I own -- Those are definitely a staple. I have on big, black, square sunglasses that I found at Hemline, and my purse is from Shein! To add some color I tied a silk bandanna on my bag that I found at Neilsson's on the Oxford, MS Square. My hair is in a low ponytail for comfort and chicness.

This outfit was fully functional for the plane because the jeans and top allow stretch, and are made of a soft, breathable material. The coat actually worked as a warm blanket on the airplane, not to mention I got to save a whole lot of suitcase space, and the shoes easily slipped on and off my feet -- which is perfect for going through security and customs!

The bag is an easy piece to pair with any outfit. It was not super expensive so I didn't need to worry about it getting lost or stolen in another country, and it actually carries a lot more space than you'd think. It perfectly fits my passport, wallet, phone, inhaler, tampons, and more! Which was great because we were out of our hotel most of our trip. Overall, this look is fully functional, unique (without pushing the boundaries too much), and posh. This is the perfect travel outfit for cold weather.

LOOK 2 - Walking the city (LAYERING IS KEY!)

The second look I'm featuring was a perfect outfit for walking around the city of Paris.

Since we traveled to Paris in the midst of January, the city reached temperatures between 30 and 45 degrees daily. I wanted something that would be easy to move in and keep me warm at the same time.

The first picture on the left (the mirror selfie), was what I call my bottom layer. I used both of these pictures so you could easily see everything I had on this day. I started off by putting on a white cozy sweater I found at an H&M, then paired it with DL1961 black Marguex jeans -- Again, so easy to move in. You have to get them. I wore a basic black belt around my belt band for a little extra accessorizing and my shoes are Vintage Havana. My black fur jacket is an absolute 10. It's the perfect winter jacket, and it goes with absolutely everything. It's easy to dress up and dress down. I found it at Hemline, but it's Frame. This jacket is soft, comfortable, and classic. You can never go wrong with a little faux fur ;). On top, I put on a black scarf and a black windbreaker and wore my favorite Shein purse once again for functionality and that pop of color from the silk bandana. My hair is pulled back into a half-up/half-down look to add a little something extra to make the look feel complete.

Layering is so important in cities like Paris because you walk everywhere, and it's important to stay warm. And also, when you go indoors you'll want to be able to cool down a little bit. With the heat on indoors, you don't want to be sweating while you're eating lunch or wandering the Louvre.

LOOK 3 - Versailles

This was my favorite look of the entire trip. It's fierce, fashionable, mysterious, and unique. It's everything I love in a look. I would wear this every day if I could, but I'm not an outfit repeater.

For those of you who don't know, the hotel rooms in Paris are actually very small. Even if you're staying in a Penthouse, they're small. So you want to be able to re-wear as many things as possible (without being an outfit repeater). This was a fun challenge for me.

The look starts with the same turtleneck I had on in my first look. This is why every girl needs a black turtleneck in her closet. They're classic, chic, they go with everything, and you can wear them so many different ways and no one will even know that it's the same top since they blend so well. I paired my classic turtleneck with a long Ganni skirt. I love everything Ganni makes, but I especially love when they do black fabric with white stitching (just like this skirt) -- and who doesn't love skirt pockets? This skirt also perfectly can accentuate your waist with its elastic band, which I adore, and surprisingly can keep you pretty warm despite its flowy and easy fabric.

I have on my classic Steve Madden platform sneakers, and of course my silk bandana. What's so great about this bandana is you can wear it in so many different ways to give you outfit that little "pop" or "umph". I don't know if you've noticed, but I've worn it three different ways already in this post. First, I tied it onto my purse and let it hang. Secondly, I tied it onto my purse again, but this time into a bow. Third, I work it as a scarf. You can also wear it as a headband, a hair tie, a hair scarf, an ascot, a mask, a belt, etc. It's a staple that you didn't know you needed. I especially love the colors because I know I wear a lot of black, red, white, and this pairs perfectly with each of those colors.

The final accessory is the finishing touch to this amazing outfit. While in Paris, I visited the Louis Vuitton store which was fabulous. The Louis Vuitton Paris store is five stories high. Yes, you read that correctly - it's five stories. With my birthday coming up, I really wanted to ask for one gift that I knew I'd use for a lifetime. I asked my parents if they would consider letting me ask for a Louis Vuitton handbag for my birthday. Because they're the best, they agreed (with a budget of course). This is the Alma BB bag in Epi Leather in black. It's the most beautiful bag I've ever owned and I know that I'll wear it forever. I loved that it wasn't super flashy when it came to the logo, but I knew that I got it in the Paris store which made it a little more special to me. I considered getting this bag in hot pink, but I knew that wouldn't be a "forever gift". I knew that black would be classic, and it would go with everything. It's the most special gift I've ever received. Thanks, mom and dad <3

LOOK 4 - The Eiffel Tower

This look is more on the "basic" side, but it still shows style and is comfortable! It's easy to move in, it's warm, it didn't require too much thought to put together, and you still look like you tried really hard.

I started off this look with a black long-sleeved top with a bubble hem on the bottom I found at Libby Story. (It's not that cropped, you can only see my belly because I'm lifting my arms) #gochio. I wore my DL1961 black Marguex jeans yet again because duh. I put a black scarf on top and the most fabulous white, fur coat from Urban Outfitters for extra warmth. To accessorize I added the black, square sunglasses I had on my head in my first look, and my absolutely stunning, new Louis Vuitton bag (Alma BB bag in Epi Leather). My shoes are not shown, but I wore my white Steve Madden sneakers once again. Who's surprised?

This outfit is simple, but it's a must for Paris. Each of these pieces you can pair with so many different items in your suitcase. When traveling internationally, you want to pack as little as possible. But don't sacrifice your style! Figure out what's interchangeable with your other pieces and get creative!

This day I wore my hair down, but if I had to wear this look again, I might pull it into a high pony with straight hair, and wore cool studs in my ears. Because of the cold weather, I would've done anything to keep my ears warm, but I think a high ponytail would've looked cooler.

Although this is my simplest of looks, it really is a good representation of how you can re-wear pieces without being an outfit repeater -- Which is an extremely valuable skill to have for everyday life.

Look 5 - Not Your Mother's Outfit

This look actually doesn't belong to me. It belongs to my sweet momma! What a lot of you don't know is I actually inherited my love of fashion from Queen Alicen (my mother). She has taught me almost everything I know about how to be a fashion icon, and she killed all of her Paris looks.

This look was so good that I had to feature it in this week's post. Her bottom layer included this delicate, floral, cotton/viscose blend from Ulla Johnson. She paired that with a Ganni lamb leather vest with white stitching for extra detail. She also wore some classic, black Rag & Bone jeans to add some fitted-form to her outfit. I'm sure you all know the rule: if you wear something flowy on the top, you need to wear something fitted on the bottom and vice versa. I live by that rule. It makes all your outfits much more flattering. Her shoes are Gucci. Yes, Gucci. And she paired it all with her brand new Prada bag she bought in Paris which goes perfectly with her outfit. To add some warmth, she wore a black windbreaker on the top (not pictured).

This look is perfect because it has all the elements: puffy, flowy, fitted, patterns, solids, pops of color, etc. She had all the fashion elements without overdoing it with color, jewelry, or crazy makeup. She let the outfit speak for itself which is where the saying "less is more" comes from.

I hope all you dolls LOVED my 5 looks just as much as I did. It's always important to receive fashion tips from the women around you to make you a better you. I hope this post gave all of you inspiration on how to dress for the coldest weather and how to do it right.

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See you next Tuesday!




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