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Galentine's Date Night Ideas <3

Surprise I posted early this week! February is one of the busiest months of the year for me, and I know that all of you are DREADING Valentine's day. Well for those of you who don't have a significant other, I have just the fix for you -- Galentine's date ideas! Valentine's day doesn't only have to be about your romantic relationships, it can be about your best/favorite relationships. Even if you do have a significant other, you should also show some love to your gals!

Here are three ways to celebrate Valentine's day with your girls.

#1 Anti-Valentine's Party

One of my dream party ideas has always been to throw an ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY. Invite all of your single besties over, everyone dresses in blood-red and lets out all the emotion (whether it be good or bad). Of course, for food, you need devil's food cake and chocolate-covered strawberries all around, and no anti-valentine's party would be complete without the strongest wine. Party games include: hitting a heart-shaped pinata with a baseball bat, pin the unibrow on the cheater, and have a heartbreak song karaoke competition. Your friends won't want to miss this anti-love fest, and you'll have memories that last a lifetime.

See inspo down below:

#2 Classy Ladies Spa Night

Classy ladies' spa night is all about bettering YOURSELF! That doesn't mean you have to better yourself alone though. Go to the store to get all the best face masks you can find -- sheet masks, mud masks, charcoal masks, peel masks, clay masks, etc. Get some pore strips, whitening strips, tweezers, nail polish, and more. Set up your very own personal spa right in your bedroom. Invite two or three of your girlfriends turn on a girl power movie and treat yourself! Make the most fabulous charcuterie board and salad, and pour yourself some white wine. Activities include face masks, mani/pedis, hot towel treatments, and bubble baths. You'll have the best talks with your girls and a much-needed night of treatment and self-love. You'll wake up feeling so refreshed and confident.

See inspo down below:

#3 Dip Night!!!!

For those of you who don't know what dip night is... you're missing out. Dip Night is like a potluck but better. Invite all your girls over, and tell everyone to bring a dip and dipper (for example smores dip with graham crackers or fries with all different condiments). You'll have everything from chips and guac to strawberries and chocolate fondue! There's no better time than Valentine's day to eat your feelings. Make sure to wear your stretchy jeans, and turn on some fun music! Pull out some Cards Against Humanity, or For the Girls, and laugh all your bloated belly laughs until the sun comes up.

See inspo down below:


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