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Handbag Haul!!!!

What's up fashion dolls? Did you miss me earlier this week? Because I missed YOU. This week I'm writing about my SIX favorite handbags and why I love them so much. What a lot of people forget about the fashion industry is that it's not only about clothing, but also accessories, and every cute outfit needs a cute purse to go with it! And this is what you fashion dolls need in your closet this year. Here are my six favorite handbags this season.

  1. Mrs. Louis

Something you all may not know is that I actually name each and every one of my handbags to show them some extra love ;) It sounds quirky, but I do it because I like it.

Mrs. Louis is an extra special bag to me. This is the first designer bag I have ever owned. It's a Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories bag. My mom brought it back to me from a trip to Paris when I was only thirteen, and she has a matching one! Although I was young when it was gifted to me, I loved that it was a "forever present". It was one of the very first gifts I'd received that I knew I'd keep forever. This bag is one of my very favorites not only because of its cute backstory but also because of its classic nature. This bag a) can go with any outfit and b) it will always be in style. You can dress this up or it can be an everyday go-to. Whether it's date night or you're going to work it elevates any and every outfit, and has enough room to carry your phone, keys, and lipgloss! If you don't own this bag, get it. It's such an investment piece because you'll get WAY more wear out of it than you think.

2. Elisabeth

Elisabeth is a gorgeous baby blue Billini bag I found at Hemline in Ridgeland, MS during the last spring season. Although it's last season, this is such an adorable spring and summer bag. I love this bag during the daytime to brunch or even a college baseball game #gorebs. I typically pair this with a white top and light blue jeans or a skirt.

I love this bag because it's so unlike any other "trendy" bag that someone else would have. This bag gives your outfit the perfect pop of color and can take your outfit from basic to high fashion. You won't believe the number of compliments you'll get on a bag like this. If you can find a bag like this that has some trendy and some unique elements - get it. Even if you're not sure what to wear it with, challenge yourself. Take some risks with your accessories and be bold. You'll thank me later.

3 & 4. Gail & Sasha

Gail (pictured left) is one of my newest bags, which is made by Golden Goose. The first item on my wish list was this bag. I wanted it so bad. Right before Christmas, this bag was sold out everywhere, and I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to get it. When I opened the box on Christmas morning I almost cried. This bag is such an amazing everyday purse. It's casual, yet fashionable and well-desired. I love the color scheme because it goes with just about everything in my closet and this bag goes deep. It's much roomier than expected. There's a variety of color schemes to choose from and you can really make it your own. Similar to the Marc Jacobs snapshot bag, with so many color schemes you don't feel like you're matching with everyone else, but you feel on-trend.

Sasha (pictured right) is such a perfect nighttime bag. With a detachable gold chain strap, you can wear it crossbody or wear it as a clutch. Although it's simple, it's gorgeous and it stands alone beautifully. It's a great date night purse that you can pair with a black dress for a chic and sexy look. Nothing makes a man more attracted to you than seeing you in black or red (trust me). This bag is made by Steve Madden and wasn't too pricey which I loved because it's such a good staple piece that I think every girl needs in her closet. Find yourself a bold clutch like this and you can rule the world.

5. Miranda

Miranda is also made by Billini and she is such a perfect spring and summer bag. This bag is so great for everyday use. It goes with everything and it's such a great material.

I love Billini bags because they're so unique and so fun to play around with inside your wardrobe. Although this bag is on the more casual side, you'll 100% get your use out of it. The white goes easily with any outfit you'll be wearing during the spring and summer seasons, and it'll tie your look all together. Currently, this bag is very on-trend, but I can see this style coming back around in the future.

6. Victoria

I recently wrote about Victoria in my two blog posts from Paris. She is my newest edition and my favorite bag that I own. I got her on my very first trip to Paris at the Louis Vuitton store as a 20th birthday present! This is the Alma BB in black epi leather. It truly is one of the most beautiful bags I've ever seen and I know I'll still be carrying it when I'm 50.

I love this bag because (again) it's a forever bag. What drew me to it was that the shape and material are stunning, and I know this bag will never go out of style. I liked that the Louis Vuitton logo wasn't super flashy, but you could tell if you looked closely. You can never go wrong with a classic black.

Because this is such a new edition to my closet and I want to keep it forever, I really only wear it to very nice events where I don't have to stress about it getting damaged or possibly stolen (but it does come with the cutest padlock and key). I like wearing it to nice dinners and every now and then I'll wear it out on a date. This bag goes beautifully with anything and the detachable strap is such a perfect plus. You can wear it cross-body (this piece comes with a detachable strap) or on your forearm with the handles. It's definitely an investment piece and I'll cherish it forever.

Those are my six favorite bags from my wardrobe! I hope you all enjoyed it, and I can't wait to publish again on Tuesday. Coming soon... My 20th Birthday Wishlist!

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Thanks for reading fashion dolls.




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