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How to do the Beach the RIGHT Way & Not Burn!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Bonjour Fashion DOLLS! I hope you all had a fabulous spring break. Whether it was skiing in the mountains or working on your summer tan somewhere tropical, I hope you all got the getaway or the relaxing stay-cation you deserve!

I spent my much-needed break in Destin, Florida. I've spent the last five spring breaks in Flordia, and feel like I've learned a thing or two about how to do the beach the RIGHT way. I had no idea I was doing it all wrong, but once I learned, I've never gone back!

Here are my savvy tips on how to do the beach the RIGHT way:

Reapply, Reapply, Reapply!

First things first, sunscreen is your friend. Now I know everyone thinks that if you wear sunscreen you're gonna come back all pale and pasty with no tan. But that is not true! The fact is: if you don't wear sunscreen you're going to turn red, but if you do wear sunscreen, you'll turn bronze and brown!

Sunscreen is so important. Not only to protect your sensitive skin from burning, but it also prevents wrinkles, sunspots, and no one wants a leathery chest when they grow up. I know all of us here dream of being MILFs when we're older, so we better start taking precautions. Reapply every 45 minutes to ensure that your skin won't burn as you sweat off your sunscreen and the UV rays intensify.

My preferred sunscreen brand is Banana Boat's SPF 15 with Dry Oil. All of Banana Boat's products are made all-natural with coconut oil that gives off an exotic coconut fragrance. The coconut oil gives you that natural tanning oil to attract sunlight to you, but without the nasty chemicals that typical tanning oils use. This product also remains weightless, but protective and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth in the sunshine. During 12:30-2:00 make sure you bump up that SPF to 30.

10 am Call Time

Another skin protection precaution we need to take is letting our bodies adjust gradually to intense sunlight. If you step foot on the beach at 12 pm (aka prime tanning time), you're more likely to burn than if you let your body adjust to the rising UV rays. My favorite time to get out on the beach is 10-10:30 am - the UV rays are relatively light, it's quiet, and it starts my day in the most gratifying way. Also, if you haven't rented chairs on the beach, you need to claim your spot before it gets too crowded out there.

The most intense sunlight ranges from 11:30-2:00, if you stay on the beach from 10:30-3 then you're golden (literally). And remember to reapply!


People always remember sunscreen when packing for a beach trip, but they forgot one of the most important necessities... CHAPSTICK. Chapstick is equally important to sunscreen because if you're anything like me, your lips dry out when they get too much sun. While moisturizing your face, you need to remember that your lips also need to be moisturized, they're just as sensitive if not more sensitive. Even though you're using sunscreen, you still need to make sure your skin is getting all the hydration it needs especially when you're spending that much time in direct sunlight. My favorite chapstick is a classic tube of Aquaphor. There are no added chemicals and it gets straight to the point (no B.S.).

Shade is the Solution

Feel yourself getting crispy, but you're not ready to leave the white sand? Duh! Umbrella! Although you're blocking out that sunlight and you might think you're sacrificing that tan you've been longing for, I promise an umbrella can be your BFF. Remember when you said you wanted to be brown and bronze not red? An umbrella can save you from getting those sunspots that you'll despise when you're 40. If you feel yourself starting to burn, reapply. But, if you feel yourself getting "crispy," maybe take a break and sit in the shade for an hour. You'll want to be in the sunlight at the moment, but you'll thank yourself later. You'll still be on the beach, but you won't be sacrificing the only skin your body will ever have.

Everything Tastes Better on the Beach

Read that Subtitle! Everything truly does taste better on the beach. I know it's cheesy, but trust me there's nothing like a BLT sandwich and some Sun Chips on the beach. If you want to have a long and successful day at the beach, bring your lunch with you! Leaving the beach for lunch can result in you losing your perfect spot you got up early for and could make you decide to just stay in the house for the rest of the day. Pack yourself a sandwich and a few bags of goldfish, trail mix, etc., grab a few clementines and pickles and you're golden (literally)! You won't get hungry on the beach, and you won't even have to leave your towel! Make sure you pack plenty of water bottles and a few hard seltzers if you're feeling frisky ;)

AfterSun Saves Lives

Repeat after me, AFTERSUN SAVES LIVES! Now even if you follow all my beach rules, there's still a possibility to get burned. With the typical week-long beach vacation, you're going to need to make sure your skin stays happy and hydrated. Go to Publix and buy a big bottle of AfterSun, whenever you're chilling in the beach house put it all over your red areas (more than once). It'll turn that blaze into a glaze. Trust me your body will crave that aloe. It is an absolute must to have AfterSun within the first 24 hours of your vacation.

I hope you all enjoyed my six favorite tips for doing the beach the RIGHT way!

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Until next week!




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