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My 2022 Birthday Wishlist!!!!!

Hey fashion dolls, I hope you've had a good week so far. This week is extra special because it's the week of my 20th birthday! My teenage years are almost over, but that means my 21st is only one year away #woohoo! I hope this list gives you all inspiration on what to ask for during your birthday, and also to learn what's HOT right now. Also if you're feeling generous there will be links attached ;)

* click on the images featured to gain access to the link *

#1 Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

Ok, I know what y'all are thinking... Clay that's so basic, everyone has that bag, blah blah blah. Ok well, I thought the same thing. I think these bags are cute, but everyone does have them so I didn't want to get one until I stumbled across this one. This "spraypaint" print is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. You'll be on-trend and perfectly unique. I personally haven't seen anyone with this print and I'm dying for it. The best part about these bags (especially being in college) is that they're stadium-approved! Which is perfect for football and baseball games. I also love this print because its white base will go with just about everything in your closet, and it's very versatile as far as seasons go.

#2 "Don't Look At Me" Lush Facemask

Let me tell you guys, this facemask saves lives. I started using this mask in 2015 and I still can't get enough of it. The lemon gives your skin such an amazing glow and the ground rice give you a natural exfoliation. Unfortunately, this facemask has been sold out online for SO LONG. I haven't been able to use it since March 2020. But it is still my favorite facemask and I'm dying to get it back.

#3 "Are You Thready" shirts

Are You Thready is a local, small business in Oxford, MS and

their products are so, so adorable. Two college-aged girls started an embroidery business in the heart of 2020.

They embroider everything from bandanas to baby blankets.

Not only will they custom design for you, but they also preview a lot of popular styles/designs on their Instagram! This year for my birthday gift to myself, they custom-designed two t-shirts for me that I'll be getting in the mail very soon! They made one for me to represent my school spirit and one to show some love for my sorority, Chi Omega! I'll be previewing these shirts on the @feminine.punk Instagram later this week. These shirts and bandanas are perfect for the springtime and I'll definitely be "repping" them at baseball games this year!

Follow @areyou_thready on Instagram for some of the cutest accessories you can get + affordable prices.

#4 Dolce Vita Clogs

Fashion dolls, when I saw these clogs my jaw dropped. I think they are absolutely so adorable and I would die to have these in my closet. They're the perfect springtime shoe and they can take any outfit from casual to snappy casual! They look so comfy, and I know these shoes will be in style for a hot minute. How could you not want these? They come in three different colors, but I love the Ivory. I'm only 4'11 so I'm in desperate need of a daytime heel, and this is the perfect fit -- no pun intended.

#5 Lululemon "Pack it Down" Coat

Now I know it's getting warmer out, but I am in serious need of a long puffer for the wintertime. Surprisingly, I actually don't have many long coats in my closet. the only one I have is a long, furry white one that I previewed in my "5 Favorite Looks from Paris" article. So I need something that is a little more casual and will go with more outfits! I have a raincoat from Lululemon and it has saved some of my cutest outfits from getting wet or damaged. I really appreciate the quality of all of Lululemon's clothes and I know this would keep me warm and cozy while also keeping me fashionable. The best part of Lululemon's clothes is that you know you're investing your money in them because their clothes last FOREVER.

#6 Pink Blouse

I don't have much to say about this blouse other than it's my favorite color and it's great for the warm weather we have coming our way. I know I'd wear it almost every day (breaking my outfit repeater rule), and I wouldn't be upset about it. The material is flawless and this top basically has my name written all over it.

#7 Upcycled Chanel Necklace

Being in college and being into nice clothes and accessories is difficult. Especially, when you have a very small income. I'm constantly searching online for used, discounted, or dupes of designer items. Libby Story is one of my favorite inexpensive places to shop at, and when I saw they were upcycling a lot of Chanel jewelry, my heart grew three sizes that day. I absolutely love Chanel, and because my name starts with a C, anything with their logo on it is adorable to me.

This upcycled necklace is so edgy/punk but still has that girly touch. I'm a big jewelry girl and I like to mix my metals, which I know is typically a fashion-don't but I love it. This is right up my alley, and I would die to open this up on my birthday.

#8 Classic White Collered Shirt

Okay, I have no idea why I've got this long without one of the most staple closet basics. But now that I'm on my way to become an even bigger fashion icon, I need to step up my game, and where do you start? The basics. A white button-down can seriously make any outfit a 10. They're perfect for layering or just wearing them by themselves. Also being a business major with a basis in fashion, we need to elevate that business casual look to make it classy and eyecatching. With a white button-down, you can pretty much do anything to it and your outfit will still be 10/10.

#9 Ganni Phone Case

Now if you really know me, you'll know that I've found a new obsession in the brand GANNI. I love everything they make. From their clothes to their shoes, to eventheir phone cases. I typically don't want a super nice phone case, but when I saw this one on an Instagram ad I fell in love. This case is so adorable and totally excessive, but I love it. If anyone were to have a designer phone case in college, it's gonna be me, and all the doodles make it happy and fun which is my aesthetic -- feminine, fashionable, edgy, and happy/colorful.

#10 White Motto Jacket

I absolutely love a motto jacket, I think they're so stylish and timeless, and they pair well with everything. I really like this White one because of its price, and I can tell it'd be a good spring/summer jacket -- which is very hard to find. Sometimes to elevate your outfit, you need an extra layer and this seems like the key to me. Motto jackets have been in style for as long as I can remember, and they do a great job of adding a certain edge to your outfit that you didn't have before adding that piece.

That's everything for this week! Stay tuned next week to hear all about my favorite season in fashion and in life: SPRING SPRING SPRING!!!!

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