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Ways to Keep Your Relationship SPICY in a Wholesome Way

Welcome back again Fashion Dolls! This week I want to talk all about romance. Part of living your best life can mean living your best relationship. With life moving so fast, you can forget to do things just the two of you. If you and your partner want to keep the romance alive, but want to keep it PG-rated then I've got the tips for you! Keep it classy and don't give up anything for free!

Monthly Fancy Date

My favorite way to keep a relationship fun and romantic is to do one "fancy date" every month. Now I don't mean going to the movies. I mean, pick a nice restaurant, get dressed up, and go have some good food and wine! This is something my boyfriend and I do and it's one of our favorite things to do together! You can't budge on the month-to-month schedule. You gotta make it a priority! Now I know it seems like this won't do much, but trust me it does. No phones at the table. Only good conversations, and dressy outfits, I promise this will change your relationship for the better. Even better, try to pick a new restaurant every time. One time Jack and I went to a local seafood restaurant and sat at the oyster bar. We ended up trying seven different kinds of oysters, cooked and uncooked!

Love Letters

Ok, I know it sounds cheesy, but love letters can really hit a soft spot for both of you. If your man is traveling, or even if it's just another day, write him some sweet notes. He'll feel appreciated and he can keep it forever. Now I'm not saying you need to write a ten-page saga on your love for each other, but just a funny card, or even a sticky note, and a cutesy message will do the trick. If you leave each other little silly notes around, it will eventually become a sweet and private thing you guys can share together. It's always good to know someone's thinking about you! And even if you think he wouldn't be into it... trust me, he'll love it, and you'll feel good too!

Truck Bed Picinic/Star-Gazing

There is nothing more romantic than cuddling under the stars. I know not everyone's boyfriend has a truck bed you can use, but you can also stargaze from your hatch-back or even lay on the ground! With a couple of blankets, pillows, and an open sky you'll have a super romantic and cheesy night with your man. The last time Jack and I did this we had amazing talks, turned on some of our favorite songs, and even slow danced together! Even if you just spend the night looking at the stars in silence it'll be relaxing and a good bonding experience with each other. It's rare that we stop and look at the stars nowadays. The little things in life always have room to be appreciated, and if you can do it with your partner -- even better!

Cook a Meal Together

If you two are looking for a fun activity to do together that's easy and fun, cooking is a super easy activity that you can both enjoy and continue to enjoy over and over with new recipes! The best part? The hot and delicious food you can enjoy at the end! You can even go to a local cooking class to be taught by a professional. Pour yourself some glasses of wine, turn on some music, and get cooking!

Couples Table Topics

If you've read my blog before, you've probably heard me rave about Table Topics. Recently, they came out with a couple edition! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm dying to. I have a bunch of different versions and I've got to get the couple edition! There are also multiple couple "games" that you can play. If you search on Amazon you'll find games called: Let's Get Deep, Intimacy Deck by BestSelf, Drunk in Love, and We're Not Really Strangers. These games will for sure spark new and interesting conversations and teach you more and more about each other. They're perfect for a night-in, even after you just cooked a meal together ;)

Trust me, it sounds boring, but I promise it's not! You laugh, think deeply, and fall more in love with your partner.

Adventure Dates

Do you know what's better than fancy dates? Adventure dates! Adventure dates range from sailing to skydiving! Adventure dates are a really fun way to get out of the house together and do something you wouldn't normally do every day! It's also really fun to try new things, especially together. Some easily accessible adventure dates include hiking, road trip, mud-riding, fishing, jet-skiing, paddle-boarding, laser-tag, rollerskating, playground date, camping, and a shooting range. The possibilities are endless! These dates make the best memories, and it's super fun to get out of your comfort zone every now and then! If you can do one once a month or every other month you and your partner will be coming up with the most exciting date ideas that you can look forward to all the time. And I promise it will bring you and your partner closer than ever!

Physical Touch -- Clean Version

Sometimes just being close and vulnerable with someone physically can be the most calming and bonding thing you can do. Now I don't mean do something before you're ready! You do not have to do anything with a guy to make him like you more! And if he pressures you then he's not the one. Things like cuddling, hand-holding, and massages can be super private and intimate. Even, rubbing noses together can be adorable and something sweet you only share between each other. You may not be a physical touch person, but if you are, embrace it! One thing that can bring you and your partner together is sharing something between just you two, and that can be physical touch. Touching someone that you love is not dirty; in fact, there's nothing even remotely wrong with it. I can't explain how giddy I get from receiving a forehead kiss from my boyfriend. And even if some boys don't show it, I promise they love it too, they get just as giddy.

That's all for this week Fashion Dolls! I hope you enjoyed this week's post and you'll be able to put all my tips and tricks to use!

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