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What Nobody Tells YOU About Your Freshman Year of College

Welcome back Fashion Dolls! I've missed you dearly. Now that I'm officially a sophomore in college and school is up and running I want to talk all about freshman year. Starting college is scary for everyone, and it's really a sink-or-swim situation. Everyone wishes they had a guide to get through freshman year because the advice your guidance counselor or your great-aunt Cathy gave you is terrible. If you're starting out your freshman year and don't know what to expect... here's what you can expect.

If You Don't Go to Class You'll Fail

This one is self-explanatory. I think we all forget that we're in college to go to school. If your life is falling apart, or you have the world's worst hangover, you still need to go to class. Go to class every day, and I promise your grades will thank you. Even if you tell yourself that you'll do the school work in your bed later that day, you're not going to. SHOW. UP.

It's Not Realistic to Go Out 4 Nights a Week

When you're a freshman, it's easy to think you're supposed to be going out all the time... trust me that is not going to make you happy. When you're at college I promise there is going to be a party every single night, don't go unless you really want to. Trust me, you're not going to be missing out on the best night ever. If you decide to go out when you actually don't want to, nine times out of ten it will be the worst night ever. And if you experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), everyone does. Open a bottle of wine and curl up with a movie or a book. Take care of yourself on your night off. You can even make it your own personal spa night!

Even if You Exercise Daily, Your Body is Going to Change

Everyone is terrified of gaining the "Freshman 15". It's easy to gain when you're drinking often and stumbling home to your leftover fried rice. The truth is,no matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, your body is going to change. That does not mean skip the gym! Trust me, exercising will save your mental health your freshman year but do not expect your high school body to stick around forever. Your hips are going to get wider, your arms are going to get pudgier, but you're going into your adult body -- which is something to celebrate! I promise you're not gaining weight because you're fat, you're just changing like everyone else. Welcome to Adult Puberty!

You're Going to Need A LOT of Shoes

When it comes to college, your shoes are going to get WORN OUT. You are going to need more than one pair of running shoes, you walk to class every single day. You are going to need more than one pair of slippers, the dorm floors are disgusting. You are going to need more than one pair of bar shoes, bar tar does not come out. Also, don't wear your nice heels to a date party... get a basic black pair of heels and only wear those for your sorority formals.

You're Not Going to Meet Your Husband at a Frat Party

I hate to break it to you, but a Frat Party isn't really the place to meet guys. When you're at a frat party, odds are all the guys are completely wasted and just wants to party with his "boys". It's loud, it's crowded, it's sweaty. When you're at a frat party the best thing to do is hang out with your girl friends! Frat parties are fun! But don't go looking for what you don't want. If you're looking to meet guys, bars are usually a tamer route.

Sometimes Your Best Friends Might Not Be Your Sorority Sisters

Listen girls, your sorority sisters are going to have your back like no other, but something that people don't talk enough about is that it's okay to hang out with girls in other sororities too! In fact, it's normal. For a long time I felt like I was "supposed to" only hang out with my sorority sisters, but no one ever said that was a rule! Some of my best friends in the entire world are a part of a different sisterhood, and I love that because despite the differences, we can still lean on and love each other fully. Dont get me wrong, I love love love hanging out with my Chi Omega sisters, but sometimes it's awesome to reconnect with another friend you don't see as often. It's enriching to surround yourself with people that may have different opinions than you do. And when you need advice, leaning on a older sorority sister can be just what you need. They've gone through what you have, and they really are your big sisters.

You're Going to Be Sick All Year

Whether you live in an ancient, moldy dorm or not, you're going to be sick all year. Everyone on the college campus is sick and it spreads FAST. If you don't catch something, you will probably get something from pure exhaustion. It happens every year, but Freshman year is going to hit you like a bus. Stock up on Liquid IV, Gatorade, and Body Armour -- they'll hydrate you on your sick days, and when you're your most hungover.

The Communal Bathrooms Suck... Kind of...

As gross as your dorm bathrooms are, they can be so funny and fun. You will make so many friends in there and you'll bond over how much you hate it. Nuff said.

There Are Times You're Going to Feel Lonely

One of the most shocking things about college to me is how lonely you're going to feel, especially in the beginning. It's hard to believe that you're going to feel alone when you're surrounded by so many people at one time, but it's true. Everyone goes through it their freshman year and it doesn't make you weird. The best advice I have to cure that loneliness is to find a walking buddy! Finding someone to walk with once a week is so therapeutic and can really help get your thoughts in order. It's normal to feel homesick and not know who all your best friends are immedietly. Freshman year is one of the best years but it's also a year that you're going to grow more than you ever expected, and growth can be tough. You will get through it and it will all be okay.

That's all for this week Fashion Dolls! I hope everyone has an amazing school year and I'll see you guys soon!

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