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Worth The Splurge Beauty Items

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Hey, fashion dolls! I hope you all are having a fabulous day so far. This week we're talking about 10 beauty items that are 100% worth the splurge. These are all products that I use and that have absolutely saved my life. So if you're looking for new products to go with a possible new attitude then you've come to the right place! Now grab your favorite lipgloss and enjoy this week's blog post.

*click on the photos for links to the products*

#1 Miss Dior Perfume

Ok fashion dolls, believe me when I tell you this is the best perfume you will ever wear. If someone walks up to you in a bar and tells you, "you smell like a princess," you better believe them (true story by the way). This perfume is a classic and an everyday go-to, but also great for date night. The number of compliments you'll receive from this scent will blow your tiara off your head. I currently have the mini size which is slightly cheaper than the original size but lasts for about a year if you're wearing it every day. Grab this scent at Sephora and get your flirt on.

#2 Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

I know everyone raves about this powder, but I'm here to say the raves are worth the hype. This is the best powder I've ever used, and I refuse to buy any old drug-store powder after how much it has spoiled me! This powder goes on light and gives you the perfect matte finish so your makeup doesn't melt off, especially in this new weather that's approaching. My mom introduced this powder to me and girl was she right! This powder is great for any age range whether you're in your 40s-50s to your early 20s. You don't have to worry about this powder getting built up in your crow's feet, or about the flashback in your Instagram photos! This powder is pricy but seriously feels so flawless on your skin. I cannot rave about it enough. It's 100% worth the splurge. I'm never going back.

#3 Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo

This Rosemary Minto Shampoo by Aveda has absolutely saved my life. I've always been an advocate for Aveda hair products, especially the shampoos, but this is the best one I've used by far. It deeply cleanses your scalp getting rid of all that buildup, product, dandruff, dirt, you name it! And in a hot, steamy shower the aromatherapy is so real. All I can say is that if you don't love it, someone else will. My boyfriend has also tried it, and he loves it too! Don't walk, run.

#4 Aveda Blonde Revival Shampoo

Now for all my bottle-blondies out there, don't worry (I'm one too), you've also got to try the brand new Blonde Revival shampoo that Aveda just started making. When Aveda started making a purple shampoo, my heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped. I cannot explain to you how excited I was. Now the tricky part about this blonde shampoo is that it's not the best for actually cleansing, it's more of a toner, but it works wonders. Lifehack: I only wash my hair once a week since water is actually very damaging to your hair. Don't worry I make sure that I stay clean, and I don't have to use dry shampoo since I've trained my hair to not get oily as easily. But, every Sunday after I wash my hair with Blonde Revival, people ask me if I recently got my hair done! Not because my hair looks better, but because the blonde is brighter and brings your hair back to that "fresh outta the salon" color. I use both the Rosemary Mint and the Blonde Revival. If you're interested in my hair care routine, follow @feminine.punk on Instagram and go to the "my life" highlight. You'll see all the details in there! Wash your hair with the rosemary mint, and then cover your whole head with the purple shampoo after you rinse out the rosemary mint. Let that purple shampoo sit for a few minutes, rinse it out, and you're golden... or should I say blonde.

#5 St. Tropez Classic Self Tanner

Now let's be real fashion dolls, we all do it, we all fake tan. No one walks around with a perfect, naturally, sunkissed tan all the time, and if you do well... let's just say you might get confused for an alligator later in life. I've gone to the tanning bed before, but it is extremely rare. And I'd be lying if I said that a tan didn't help my confidence. It totally does! When I need a little extra color, I always reach for my St. Tropez Classic Self-Tanner Mousse. This formula has an olive undertone which makes it look much more natural than other tanners. I've tried multiple tanners before, and so far this has been my favorite. I will say, I'm waiting for them to come out with a more natural-looking violet undertone for me, but in my experience, this tanner works amazingly on everyone's skin tone (including mine) and goes on super smooth. I've used both their classic and express formula, and I think the classic looks the most natural. Just put it on before bed after you hop out of your shower, sleep in it and you'll be perfectly bronzed by the morning. Rinse a little off in the shower after you wake up, just to get rid of that self-tan smell we all know and hate, and it'll last a good 4-5 days. You'll definitely get your money's worth because that bottle lasts FOREVER.

#6 Mary Kay CC Cream with SPF

Alright. I know everyone thinks Mary Kay makeup is for old ladies, but let me tell you their products WORK. I started using their light to medium CC Cream in the eighth grade and I haven't used foundation since. The CC cream gives that "barely there" feeling, but with all the coverage. It makes your skin look milky and smooth but without that gross cakey feeling. I use CC Cream for everything. I don't even own a foundation anymore. They also make the same CC Cream but with some SPF to protect your skin -- which is an absolute must. Remember, you don't want to be confused for a reptile. This is actually a decent price, but it's an absolute must-have in my makeup routine. There are days I only wear CC Cream, concealer under my eyes, and mascara and you look like you've got your face on. I usually stock up and buy two or three when I run out.

#7 Clinique "Dramatically Different" Moisturizing BB-Gel Tinted Moisturizer

Now, this is similar to Mary Kay's CC Cream, but also completely different. This is a tinted moisturizer with a completely different texture than my favorite CC Cream. This moisturizer comes out with the consistency of gel with a gray tint, and when you rub it into your face it matches your skin tone! It's magic! I wear this on summer/spring days when I just need a tiny bit of coverage but don't want to put any makeup on. CC Cream feels like it's barely there, but once this moisturizer soaks into your skin, you can't feel a thing. Buy the magic moisturizer.

#8 Lush's Rub Rub Rub Exfoliator

Now if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I've already raved about this stuff in a previous post. This is my very favorite shower exfoliator. Not only because it works, but the amazing jasmine scent and fun, vibrant blue color. I love this exfoliant because I know I can always trust Lush to use natural, organic, non-harmful ingredients. It's perfect for gaining those smooth legs right after you shave. I started using this in the seventh grade when their bath bombs had become all the rage, and I still love it just as much. Whenever it's not sold out, I always jump on their website to buy it. No more St. Ives. Lush is where it's at.

#9 Tarte's Surfer Curl Mascara

If you're looking for natural and long lashes, I have found the perfect mascara. Tarte's Surfer Curl mascara is absolutely to die for. I bought it in the impulse buy section of Sephora back in my Junior year of high school, and I have never gone back. Sorry Too Faced, Tarte's mascara is actually better than sex, not yours. I love this mascara because it looks extremely natural, it doesn't clump your lashes, and it's easy to coat on over and over. It isn't the best curling mascara, but just whip out the good ole' eyelash curler, apply that mascara, and your eyes will POP like they've never popped before.

#10 Shick Intuition Razor

I definitely saved the best for last because this is seriously the beauty product that shaved my life. Oops! I meant saved. I started using this razor around sixth or seventh grade and it gives you the smoothest shave in all departments. First of all, you don't have to use ANY SHAVING CREAM which is such a money saver and overall easier. It's the only razor that lathers, shaves, and moisturizes all in one step! It's made with 100% natural aloe and vitamin e. It's perfect for sensitive skin and it gives you a close shave without any bumps. This razor works like a men's but is sensitive like a women's razor. It's the perfect combo. When I tell you I will never use a different razor ever again, I mean it. The pivoting head prevents nicks and cuts as well. All I have to say is, try it. And p.s. if you're trying to shave "down there" during bikini season, this is the perfect razor for that -- sensitive and precise.

That's everything I've got this week fashion dolls!

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Love you and see you soon!




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