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Cleaning Out the Closet Clutter

Welcome back Fashion Dolls,

With the autumn season upon us, it's time to start making extra space in our closet for all the cozy sweaters and knee-high boots that take up all the space on our rods. As the season changes I've noticed how much longer it takes me to get dressed on a night out. Not only because I'm not sure what the weather will be, but because I have too many options! I know what you're probably thinking, how can anyone have too many options in their closet? Well, I didn't think that either, until now.


Why the Need to Clean out My Closet?

As I open my closet door and look around, I'm surrounded by different colors, patterns, shapes, you name it! But what I've noticed as I've gotten older, my body shape has changed! Not only because I don't work out the same way I did in high school, but because your body changes as you enter the adult stage of your life. This doesn't mean everyone gets fat in college, but your shape changes. I used to never have a belly, but now I do. I also never had a prominent collarbone and slim neck, but now I do. Maybe your boobs get bigger, or your hips get wider. It's all normal. I cover this topic in my "What Nobody Tells YOU About Your Freshman Year" post. There are so many pieces in my closet that I adore, but don't always adore me. The things that I wore in high school will still zip up, or fit over my head, but sadly they're not the most flattering anymore. You always want to keep it in your closet for "when you lose the weight", and you might lose the weight, but the truth is will you still like it then? Will that top still be in style? Why don't you use the money you get from selling it to buy something that works better on your 21-year-old body?

"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet" - Carrie Bradshaw

How Can I Clean Out Efficiently?

So when you finally decide it's time to clean out your closet, how do you do it? I always take my inspiration from the true fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw. It starts with looking through the rod and pulling out all your "no's". Then, try on everything you're not sure of tossing out and your "yes's". Trust me you'll want to try on everything that isn't an absolute no. You never know what could look absolutely ridiculous even though you wore it three months ago. Give yourself, your friends, or your roommates a little fashion show of all the ghosts of the closet's past. You'll know what needs to stay and what needs to go. And while you're at it, try on all the shoes that you never wear and try and figure out what you can or cannot wear them with.

What Next?

Now that you've sorted everything into Take and Toss piles you can decide where you want your clothes to go. Do you want your clothes at some rundown Goodwill, sold online, or given to your friends? The choice is yours! With my nicer pieces, I always like to sell them and get a little extra cash to buy some new pieces that flatter me better. I love to shop for basics at Zara and H&M, but when it comes to statement pieces (which can be pricey) I always go to ShopBop.


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